WordPress Theme Design and Coding for Solar Company


A Solar Panel installation company needed its website completely overhauled. The primary objective was to increase leads through various lead forms including a custom savings calculator.

The primary problems with the site included a poor user experience, broken layout, confusing visual presentation, malformed HTML, not mobile responsive, poor on-page SEO, poor link structure, and more.

Our Plan

We wanted to preserve the content and link structure of the site with some modifications and utilize the current branding and style on the new version of the site.

The page layouts and user experience needed updating to be more conversion focused with generating leads through the various forms, look more professional and modern, and be mobile responsive.

In addition, the new layout needed to be fully SEO-ready and accessible (ADA-compliant). This also included setting up Google Search Console, utilizing plugins like Yoast SEO for meta tags, etc.

One key part of this project involved developing a custom solar savings calculator. The new version had to be easy to modify (configure), have a better user experience, and be far less confusing.

Our Solution

To solve these problems, we designed and coded a custom WordPress theme and also developed a separate plugin for the solar savings calculator. This gave us maximum control over the layout and structure of the site.

On the home page, we kept a few of the key sections, added a blog post grid, a consultation request form, a newsletter signup form, and a more professional mega footer including trust elements.

We also sourced custom icons and graphics and created a value proposition that is clear and displayed above the fold.

The Results

We are presently observing the website, with a specific focus on lead inflow and SEO efficacy. Currently, new leads are consistently being generated from all forms. Although the SEO performance has slightly improved, it is premature to reach a conclusive determination regarding the impact of this new theme on SEO.