What’s the Purpose of your website?

website purpose

What is the purpose of your website? I will help you understand why defining a website’s purpose clearly and accurately is one of the keys to its success

Why Your Website is Not Secure and Quick Fixes


Have you been wondering why your website is not secure? Are you losing sales and leads as a result of an unsecured site? In this article, learn to understand site security and get guidance towards fixing

7 Motivational Quotes for Starting a Business – Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

motivated people

Are you ready to supercharge the entrepreneur within you? Starting a business can be an intimidating journey, but with the right motivation, you can overcome your most challenging endeavors. In this article, we’ve compiled seven powerful quotes that will inspire you to take that leap of faith and pursue your dreams. At DigitalSpawn, we understand 7 Motivational Quotes for Starting a Business – Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur

Web Accessibility Expert Help


Why is hiring a web accessibility expert important to your business? An accessibility expert will have greater knowledge about the required treatments needed on a website or web app.

Updating, Fixing, & Enhancing Shopify Sites.


Working with the Shopify system is not that difficult. While it has its limitations, many features help businesses set up and publish an e-commerce website with minimal upfront work or maintenance

What To Do After Buying a Domain

man setting up his website

Learn about the next 4 steps you must take in order to get your website published online in very little time.