About Us

The Focus

Digital Spawn is a quality and results-oriented Web Development Agency based in New York City. The services and products offered here are created to help businesses reach their goals and contribute to their ultimate success.

The primary focus is PHP-based websites and web applications programming in the LAMP Environment. We also love working with other popular web technologies including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

The Fundamentals

Anwar Baksh, Founder of DigitalSpawn, has indicated a need to provide enterprise-ready solutions for new and established companies that are broadly compatible, highly user-friendly, and above all, attractive.

The primary characteristics of these solutions are being able to nurture and contribute to business growth and increasing value.

The Problem

Many companies around the world today struggle with basic things like establishing a web presence, selling products online, and properly utilizing marketing channels.

These processes are currently in flux as old companies make massive shifts of investments into the web and new companies try to gain shares.

The Solution

We aim to close the gap between these needs and current solutions.

This is done by utilizing a streamlined account-oriented approach. While most new clients expect a one-time deal, after 10 years in the industry we have found that most clients return several times and over the course of several years.

Digital Spawn provides a feature-rich account management system that facilitates the entire project life cycle from planning, design, production, and testing in one centralized membership area.

Most importantly, our Project Managers work directly with you to get sites and products made quickly and correctly.

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