Updating, Fixing, & Enhancing Shopify Sites.

Working with the Shopify system is not that difficult. While it has its limitations, many features help businesses set up and publish an e-commerce website with minimal upfront work or maintenance.

Shopify provides a template (referred to as themes) editor where you can update and maintain different versions of your site’s layout. Using .liquid code and standard HTML, CSS, and JS allows us to update the site as needed.

Shopify also allows adding and configuring 3rd party apps to enhance the system, along with additional settings for managing images and more.

Here is a list of popular Shopify add-on apps (otherwise known as plugins):

  1. Bulk Discount Code Bot: This innovative app safeguards against unauthorized discount code usage by generating exclusive, single-use codes. Seamlessly integrate these personalized discounts into your preferred email marketing platform for effective customer engagement.
  2. VF IMage Optimizer: VF Image Optimizer streamlines image optimization through AI-driven trimming, cropping, resizing, framing, and watermarking. Elevate SEO efforts effortlessly by adding alt text and watermarks to your images using this versatile application.
  3. Matrixify: Matrixify simplifies Shopify data management with bulk import, export, and updates via Excel and CSV files. Seamlessly transition from another platform by effortlessly migrating products, customers, and orders to Shopify, enhancing the efficiency of the migration process.

I expect a typical Shopify site update can take less than an hour, and more complex updates can take just a few hours.