69% of People Don’t Buy From Badly Designed Websites

It doesn’t matter whether you are a small fashion boutique, family owned restaurant, salon, law firm, another type of service business, a non-profit, a government organization, a music school, an Ebay seller, a contractor, a freelancer, or even a porn star (oolala!). Extensive research shows most people don’t buy from poor quality websites – which means you are losing a lot of money. 69% is nearly 7 out of 10 people (math is our friend).

So let’s say your business can charge $1000 for a service you offer.
That means for every $3000 dollars you earn,
you let another $7000 slip right through the cracks on that beaten up table.

Seven thousand dollars is a lot of money to flush down the drain just like that. Your customer (almost) was just about to hit the BUY NOW / SIGN UP/ START NOW! BUTTON for goodness sake, which is why:

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